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Interesting Facts

Yucca is native to hot, dry places like deserts, sand dunes, and plains. Species occur in North and Central America and the West Indies.

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Spanish Bayonet   (Yucca aloifolia)

Dagger Plant

Yuccas are desert plants native to the Americas. Low maintenance and excellent for xeriscaping.

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Plant Types: Interior Plant, Perennial, Succulent
Light: Partial Shade to Full Sun
Height: 10 feet to 15 feet
Width: 3 feet to 6 feet
Zones: 12a to 15b
Bloom Color: White
Bloom Seasons: Early spring, Mid spring, Late spring, Early summer, Mid summer, Late summer
Leaf Color: Green
Special Features: North American native
Shape: Upright or erect
Fertilizer: Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food, Water Soluble Cactus Food
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Plant Care

Propagate from the seed in spring. Hardy plants should be sown at 55-64°F (13-18°C), and tender ones at 66-75°F (19-24°C). Can also propagate from suckers in spring or root cuttings in winter.

Plant Growth:

Rosette-forming or woody based perennials, evergreen shrubs and trees. Yuccas do well in full sun. Height varies depending on variety. Some species will grow to 30 ft. in height. Works best as an ornamental plant for a courtyard or border. Also works as a container plant. Less hardy, tender Yuccas, should be grown in a cool or temperate greenhouse or conservatory.


Blooms panicles of white flowers.

Soil and Irrigation:

Yuccas should have periodic deep waterings. Water less in winter. Does best in any soil as long as it is well-draining.


Implement a balanced liquid fertilizer on a monthly basis during the growing season.


Remove worn out flowering stems.


Cane borers and scale insects. Also prone to fungal leaf spots.