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Interesting Facts

Originally from Mexico and known for its strong, sweet fragrance.

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Mexican Tuberose   (Polianthes tuberosa)

Polianthes tuberosa. Exceptionally sweet-smelling flowers. Superb for cutting. White, waxy florets set closely on 3' stems bloom in late summer. Extra fragrant; earlier than double form. Sun.

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Plant Types: Perennial
Light: Full Sun
Height: 4 feet
Zones: 7a to 11b
Bloom Color: White
Bloom Seasons: Early summer, Mid summer, Late summer
Leaf Color: Green
Shape: Upright or erect
Fertilizer: Miracle-Gro® Nursery Select Miracid® Water Soluble Plant Food
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Plant Care

Plant rhizomes in the ground outside in climates that have long hot seasons to promote consecutive years of flowers. Place rhizomes 2 inches deep and 4 to 6 inches apart. Does fine being grown in containers and moved indoors during cold spells.

Plant Growth:

Does best with full sun. In climates where the temperature does not normally dip below 20°F/-7°C, Tubers can be left in the ground year round.


Flowers are white and bloom in summer or early fall. For recurrent annual blooming, Polianthes requires a warm season of 4 or more months prior to flowering.

Soil and Irrigation:

Needs regular water during the growing season and while in bloom. When Tuberose goes dormant, no irrigation is needed. Does best with slightly acidic soils.


Use acidic fertilizer if the soil is alkaline and when shoot growth begins.