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Interesting Facts

When talking about Hostas its good to know some terminology that you may only hear in reference to these amazing landscaping plants.  Scapes is a term that refers to the flower stalk of the hosta.  This emerges from the crown or roots of a plant and is usually leafless, as it carries the flowers themselves high above the foliage.  Another term you hear in reference to Hostas is a sport, which is a natural mutation of a given varietal that gives rise to another named varietal.  About half of the Hostas on the market are 'sports' of older standard varieties.

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Hosta   Island Charm (Hosta)

Plantain Lily

Hosta 'Island Charm' is a small hosta that is perfect for edging in any planting border. The flat, broadly ovate leaves have dark green margins with some jetting into the white centers. (Centers are pale yellow in very low light.) Hosta 'Island Charm' has pale purple, streaked flowers on reddish-pink scapes that are followed by pink seedpods in late summer.

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Plant Types: Perennial
Light: Shade to Partial Sun
Height: 10 inches
Width: 1 foot
Zones: 3a to 9b
Bloom Color: Purple
Bloom Seasons: Mid summer
Leaf Color: Green, Variegated, White
Special Features: Attractive foliage
Shape: Mounded
Fertilizer: Composted Yard Trimmings, Miracle-Gro® Shake 'n Feed® Continuous Release All Purpose Plant Food
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Plant Care

When the buds first appear, divide the clumps.

Plant Growth:

The great debate on Hostas is how much sun is good for them.  It all depends on which varietal you have.  For brighter yellow and green hostas the more sun (not afternoon sun though!), the better these colors stand out.  For the darker blue and gray colored Hostas the more shade they get the more pronounced these colors become.  But don't over do it!  These are definitely a shade loving plant!


Flowers in the summer with blue or white trumpet shaped flowers that will last for several weeks. Plantain Lilies are primarily grown for their unique foliage, however.

Soil and Irrigation:

Hostas prefer cool, humus-rich, well-drained soil. Water and feed during the growing season.


Use a slow release fertilizer after the first growth.


After blooming, remove flower stalks to promote leaf growth instead of seeding. After the plants die back in fall, remove dead leaves to control diseases and prevent slug infestation.


Besides the threat of snails and slugs Hostas have only just recently been victim of a new attacking virus.  Since it can take years to show up by symptoms, experts have predicted that the virus (Hosta Virus X) is potentially so wide spread (all the distribution of plants and plant material), that there may not be any virus clean nurseries or wholesalers left at all!