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Ground Morning Glory   (Convolvulus sabatius)

C. sabatius bears soft, hairy, gray-green, roundish, evergreen leaves. It also produces lavender-blue flowers from early summer into fall. They grow well in light gravelly soil with good drainage.

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Plant Types: Perennial
Light: Partial Shade to Full Sun
Height: 1 foot to 2 feet
Zones: 7a to 9b
Bloom Color: Lavender, Pink
Bloom Seasons: Mid summer, Late summer
Leaf Color: Silvery
Special Features: Attractive foliage
Shape: Spreading or horizontal
Fertilizer: Miracle-Gro® Shake 'n Feed® Continuous Release All Purpose Plant Food
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Plant Care

Plants spread via rhizomes which can be used for easy propagation.

Plant Growth:

Some species in this genus grow as a creeping vine and rarely get taller than 6 inches off the ground, whereas other species, such as the Bush Morning Glory (C. cneorum), can get as tall as 4 ft. Does best in full sun.


Flowers resemble those of true Morning Glories (Ipomoea tricolor). The flowers are trumpet shaped often times blue, sometimes with a yellow throat. Some species have pink flowers in the summer.

Soil and Irrigation:

Does best in poor to moderately fertile soils that are well-draining. Water freely during the growing season, keep just moist in winter.


Fertilization is not generally required for good plant output.


Deadhead annuals to lengthen flowering. Some species can be invasive which should be confined to containers dug into the soil.


Spider mites and aphids may cause problems. Other issues include leaf spots and rust.