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Interesting Facts

There are 20 known species in the genus Amsonia, native to the light woodlands or grasslands in southeastern Europe, Turkey, Japan, and the United States.  They are usually found growing in moist, heavy or stony soils.  The plant produces a milky sap that may irritate the skin upon contact.

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Arkansas Blue Star   (Amsonia hubrichtii)

Amsonia hubrictii 'Arkansas Blue Star is a spectacular perennial with soft, needle-like leaves that line the stems like bottlebrushes. The deer resistant foliage forms a perfect mound and turns bright gold in the fall. Hundreds of small, light blue, star-shaped flowers adorn the plants in late spring through early summer. Looks beautiful as a perennial hedge!

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Plant Types: Perennial
Light: Partial Shade to Full Sun
Height: 3 feet
Width: 3 feet
Zones: 4a to 9b
Bloom Color: Blue
Bloom Seasons: Late spring, Early summer
Special Features: Deer resistant
Shape: Upright or erect
Fertilizer: Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food
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Plant Care

Propagate from the seed.  Sow seeds in containers in a cold frame in fall or spring.   Cold frames are protective structures, located outside for propagating and growing plants.   Conduct division in spring. Division entails propagating a plant by splitting it into 2 or more parts.  Each part has its own root system and more than one shoot or dormant bud.

Can also propagate from softwood or basal cuttings in early summer.

Plant Growth:

Clump-forming perennials, found in moist, stony or heavy soils.  Grows best with full sun to light shade.  Amsonia works well in a mixed or herbaceous border, or at the edge of a woodland.  Also suitable for a wildflower garden.


Blooms blue, funnel-shaped flowers from spring to summer.

Soil and Irrigation:

Does well in any soil type as long as it is moist and well-draining.  Tolerates some drought.


Maintain a healthy framework.


Prone to rust.