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Our Plant Science team of professional horticulturists and PhD Botanists has taken the guesswork out of growing and assembled a 6,000 plant library on how to care for plants. Let our Plant Doctors help you with plant care!

Plant Care Articles

A Deeper Look into Fertilizer Measurement  -  You wanted it. You asked for it. We delivered it. Fertilizer functionality is here!

How To: Grow a Drought Resistant Garden  -  Drought resistant gardens save water and ultimately money. Additionally, you don't have to confine yourself to growing only cacti to conserve water.

How To: Grow Plants From Seeds  -  Starting plants from seeds is not difficult. Here are some tips of the trade to make it even easier.

How To: Water Your Plants  -  Watering plants is more involved than simply pouring the rest of a half-drunk glass of water over a potted plant.

Taking chemicals out of Spider Mite control  -  Predator vs. Arachnid

What Happened to My Poinsettia?  -  Poinsettias are often given as gifts during the holidays, but this produces a do you take care of them once you get them?

Why Do I Need to Fertilize My Plants?  -  The why, what and how of plant fertilization.

Why Won't My Plant Flower?  -  Some plants seem to never flower, while others will flower if you merely look at them funny. Find out why...

Plant Lists

Common Houseplants  -  Looking for a popular houseplant? Here are plants that thrive indoors on low-light.

Fussy Plants  -  These plants need TLC to flourish. Based on EasyBloom's records, here are the plants that people have the most trouble with. The usual culprits are not enough light and too much water. Your EasyBloom can tell you what your plant needs!

Good for You Plants  -  These plants can help freshen your breath, soothe your tummy, lighten your hair or clean your wounds. Growing these plants can help improve your overall health!

Mission Native Plants  -  Inspired by Mission Local's Native Plant Safari, here's some of the plants they showed and talked about.

Most Misspelled Plants  -  Can't find that plant? Maybe you're not spelling it right! Based on EasyBloom's research, here's the most common misspelled plants.

No Fail Houseplants  -  No-fail houseplants, as in SF Chronicle. "Spath" is nickname for Peace Lily, full name is "Spathiphyllum". Most common reason for failure is OVERwatering! Use the EasyBloom to choose your right plant.

Recently Added Plants  -  We're constantly adding plants, and here are some of the most requested additions.

The Plant Doctor Likes...  -  Looking for a pretty, easy to grow, fun plant? The Plant Doctor has his favorites! Sweet olive’s scent smells sooo good, firecracker plant’s fruits explode, ginkgo and lady banks rose are zero fuss plants. And for bearss lime: margaritas!

Top Christmas Trees  -  Do you know your fir from your spruce from your pine? In honor of the holidays, here's the most popular Christmas Trees. All of these have a great shape and are perfect for ornament hanging!

Featured Plant

Angelface® Wedgewood Blue Angelonia is a great new performer for Proven Winners®. With its excellent flower power and strong upright habit the Angelonia Angelface® series proves to a real winner. Angelface® Wedgewood Blue makes for a great specimen plant in containers and planters. Drought tolerance is a great attribute for this plant.